Web Based Application Development

I create beautiful, responsive, modern, and professional application, each tailored to fit the need, but also with enough room for growth, providing you with

Brand Identity

how you want to be perceived by consumers. Your name, logo, tone, tagline, typeface...

Creative Idea

Every task that I undertake, starts and end with sitting down with you, and working it out together

Awesome Support

I am here for you. I come to you, and I get there fast. Confidence is something I do not gable with

Professional Design

You own your design. I just help you make it look similar to what it looks when you imagine it.

App Development

Functional and intuitive apps is my moto. My products are stylish and work on majority of devices

Clean Code

I write clean, testable code against the infrastructure components of your choice and accomplish any task.

About me

My main focus is development of products that are based on the Spring Framework, using MVC, JPA and Security modules. When client requires robust system, that can handle, process, and produce results from big data, with security in focus, this is what I suggest. Front end for these applications is made using Thymeleaf

SPA are something that I've been playing around with ever since, and just recently realized that I am good enough and serious enough about it, to offer it to my clients. MEAN (MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS, Node.js) offer everything one could need for fancy, presentations.

All of the web based applications are prettified and meet demanding HTML5 standard, using Bootstrap, Font Awesome, and other customized sources.

I have a quiet group of friends that love productivity and dislike procrastinators in us. So we help each other, every day, to keep them tucked safely under the blankets, so we can do stuff we love.

Oh, and just for fun, all of the shiny dots on our beautiful planet you see in the background, are places where you live. Event the tiniest ones. My clients and friends. So, those dots are the places where I am too. Thank you...

Contact Us

I provide you with provide global presence, so it would be kinda silly if you would need to look for me behind some office number...

Still, if you want to pay me a visit, you are more than welcome. Give me a call, viber, WhatsApp... or just show up at the front door. :D